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A worthy investment: NPIF fuels eco innovation – Pura

Pura, an eco-conscious baby product company, is making its mark within the competitive market of eco-ethical baby care after securing investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. With an ambition to create a better world for future generations, the Cheshire-based business has experienced rapid growth driven by the investment.

Launched in 2020 by husband-and-wife duo Guy and Abi Fennell, the idea for Pura came as the couple were expecting their first child and discovered that 90 per cent of baby wipes in the UK contain plastic, with millions of ending up in landfills every year. Shocked by the environmental impact of conventional baby products, they created Pura as an eco-conscious solution.

To accelerate the company mission, Pura secured funding from NPIF in 2022. Guy saw the benefits of how investment could help the growth of Pura, including investment into marketing and innovation. This proved successful in Pura’s expansion into the US market.

Locally, the NPIF investment facilitated headcount growth in its Cheshire office, creating a larger workforce. The investment also bolstered Pura’s capital equipment by implementing essential systems and processes to meet growing demand and continue manufacturing in the UK.

Importantly, the cash injection has also facilitated significant change in terms of Pura’s sustainability strategy, starting with a transition from plastic to paper packaging. The business has also raised brand awareness about the issues of plastic wipes and nappies, through its NappiCycle plant in partnership with Asda: the only nappy recycling partner in Europe.

Pura is a B Corp, exemplifying its dedication to the planet, parents, and the creation of a strong environmental conscience. With the support of the NPIF investment, the brand continues to actively work towards achieving carbon neutrality in its products. At present, Pura diverts 45 million nappies from landfills making it the only baby brand in Europe to do this on such scale and transforms waste into valuable materials such as road surfaces and notice boards.

An ambitious future lies ahead for Pura. Its core focus remains on the UK and the US markets, with plans to boost innovation and set a new standard for the industry. Pura’s journey with NPIF exemplifies how strategic investment can drive real change. For businesses looking to make a positive impact whilst achieving growth, Pura serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved with determination, innovation, and the right investment.